These donors graciously gave in 2022 to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of our annual Memorial Day weekend Salute! concert. Together, we honor these tributes who fight every day for our freedom, especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Dan & Susan Arnholt
     In Honor of those who gave their tomorrows for our todays
Bob Arthur
     In Memory of James C. Arthur
Willis & Catherine Bahnsen
     In Honor of Sgt. Matt Bahnsen-USA
Beverly Baker
     In Memory of James K. Baker
Art & Pinkie Beck
     In Honor of those who gave their tomorrows for our todays
Richard Belush
     In Memory of Bev Belush
Fred & Julie Beerwart
     In Memory of Bill Conoley, Andy Conoley, Bob Griffith
Pat & Paul Bippen
     In Honor of John R. Bippen
Winter Bottum
     In Memory of Cable G Ball, U.S. Army 10th Air Corps
David & Donna Sjaardema Bowden
     In Memory of Donald Sjaardema, Army Air Corp,
     WWII, ex-POW
Jan & Roger Brinkman
     In Memory of Sherm Franz, U.S. Air Force,
     Nolan Bingham, U.S. Army
Doneda Brown
     In Memory of Doris June Brown
Suzi, Melissa, Jason, Jonathan, & Hope
     In Honor of Larry C. Brown
Donna Browne
     In Honor of Edmond W. Browne, USMC
Dan & Anita Burton
     In Memory of Hank Burton, Bill Emmert, Mike Emmert
Chuck & Martha Butler
     In Memory of James N. Butler, USAF-Korea,
     Carl F. Main, U.S. Army-WWII
John & Jean Chambers
Derek, Jennifer, Joshua, & Daniel Chastain
     In Honor of Chief Master Sgt. Joseph Chastain,
     Sgt. Maj. Justin Richardson
Jonathon Clemens
     In Memory of Ralph Clemens, WWII
Marilyn & Jim Clerc
     In Memory of Eugene “Jack” Clerc
Ed Zuba
Colleen Coleman
     In Memory of Carl Coleman, Richard Roseberry
Dick & Lindsay Cooley
     In Memory of Larry D. Ryser
Carol Crossman
     In Honor of Richard Crossman, Daniel Galdo
Tom & Kathy Dell
     In Memory of Col. Darvin Appel
Deborah Divan
     In Memory of Walter Divan
Jacque Douglas
     In Honor of Gary Huffer
     In Memory of Robert Huffer, Hazen Cannon
David & Wilma Doup
     In Honor of those who gave their tomorrows for our todays.
John Drebus 
John W. Dunlap
Larry & Karen Durnil
     In Honor of Larry Durnil, Matthew B. Durnil
     In Memory of Lester D. Durnil, Raymond Durnil,
     Mildred Betty Jaynes

Doug & Carla Eckart
     In Memory of Our Dad’s Service in WWII
Edward & Vivian Eckerly
     In Memory of George Eckerly, U.S. Army WWII

 Vanessa & Greg Edwards
     In Honor of Bob Harden, Harry Edwards
Nancy Edwards
     In Honor of 2nd Lt. Elijah Edwards, USAF
David & Ella Elwood
     In Honor of those who gave their tomorrows for our todays.
John & Melissa Fairbanks
     In Honor of Mark A. Pillar, Maj. Gen. USAF (Ret)
Dianne & Jim Farrar
     In Memory of Carl Harris, Jack Farrar
Sandra Finkel
Basil & Nancy Fritsch
     In Honor of Gregory J. Pence, Michael J. Pence, Basil C. Fritsch,
     Gregory K. Honeycutt 
     In Memory of Edward J. Pence
Force Construction Co., Inc.
     In Honor of those who gave their tomorrows for our todays.
Cliff Gardner
     In Memory of Janice Hexamer Gardner
Mrs. Evelyn Garwood
     In Honor of Charisse Garwood, U.S. Army
     In Memory of Paul L. Garwood, U.S. Navy Ret.
James Gillespie
     In Memory of Harry McCawley
Glick Family
    In Memory of Marvin H. Glick
Tom & Adrienne Going
Jim & Jeanne Green
     In Honor of Bill Hoehn
     In Memory of Fred H. Alfele, Fred A. Alfele, Bill Gentry,
     Walter Hoehn

Victoria Griffin
     In Honor of Charles B. Schaler, USA WWII, Stephen C. Schaler,  USN & Green Beret-Vietnam, Joseph Schaler, USM- Vietnam, Christopher R. Baldwin, USA Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan
Drs. Dale & Linda Guse
Mary Ann Grogg
     In Honor of Tim Grogg
Tracy Haddad
     In Memory of Helen Haddad
Don & Patsy (Burke) Harris
     In Honor of Roger D. Burke, USAF
Greg & Marilyn Harter
     In Memory of Blair Harter Dwight Maxey, U.S. Army
Joe & Linda Heldt
     In Memory of Bill Heldt, U.S. Army, Richard Banet, U.S. Navy, Al Jennens, U.S. Army
Brigitte Potthoff-Hemmings
     In Memory of Daryl A. Hemmings, Navy
Toots & Jim Henderson 
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Hires
     In Memory of Samuel Hires Sr.
Matt & Theresa Hotek
     In Honor of  Sgt. Tom Hotek, Army -Vietnam, Lt. Col. John Hotek, Army Ret.
     In Memory of  Sgt. Martin McCawley, Sgt. Edward Halfacre, Bradley Bowling, Army WWII
Jonas Howell
Tim & Wanda Huffman
Ernest Hunt
Glenn D. Huntoon Jr.
     In Memory of G. David Huntoon, U.S. Army
Ben & Amy Jackson
     In Memory of Larry Jackson
Judy Jackson
     In Memory of Larry Jackson
Virginia Johnson
     In Honor of those who gave their tomorrows for our todays.

Pauline Jordan
     In Memory Rev. M. Bucky Jordan
Joe & Ann Kinderman
     In Memory of Relatives & Friends who served
Phyllis & Scott Kinsey
     In Honor of First Lt. Megan Renee Kinsey, U.S. Army
     In Memory of Cpl. Leland L. Klein, U.S. Marine Corps WWII
Nancy Kistler
Gordon & Barbara Lake
     In Honor of those who gave their tomorrows for our todays.
Ryan & Blair Lauer
     In Memory of Laurence Lauer, U.S. Navy, Lost at Sea
Tom & Pam Lego
     In Honor of Charles Wells Jr.
     In Memory of Charles Wells Sr., William H. Lego
Laura Leonard
     In Memory of Charlie Hurt
Karen Lowe & Sons
     In Memory of David Lowe, Vietnam 1963-1967
Joe & Lisa Lohmeyer
     In Honor of Steve Lohmeyer, Chris Lohmeyer
     In Memory of Fred Lohmeyer, Henry Lohmeyer
Tally & Lisa Lykins
     In Honor of Private First Class Rachel Hokoana-Yamaguchi, Lance Corporal Rachel Bullough, Kaman Lykins,
Shirley Ann Lyster
     In Memory of Owen R. Lyster
Sally Madge
     In Honor of Capt. Thomas Bird, USMC
Daryl & Dot McMath
     In Honor of those who gave their tomorrows for our todays.
Judy McCormick
     In Memory of Mike McCormick
Heather McDonald
     In Memory of Virgil Eugene Brown
Connie & John McGinty
     In Honor of John C. McGinty Sr, U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer
Della McGuire
     In Honor of Capt. Connor McGuire
     In Memory of Don R McGuire Sr.
Myron Miller
     In Honor of Sgt. Noah Miller
Bill & Garlene Weisner and Jon & Nancy Moore
     In Memory of Robert Lloyd Smith
The Mount Family
     In Honor of Anthony Krug
Dick & Nancy Nyers
     In Memory of Lt. Col. Norman Bullard, U.S. Army, Andrew J. Conoley, U.S. Marines Boatswanis Mate
Bob & Mary Orben
Lenora Parrott
     In Memory of Lt. Col. Robert L. McCracken, USAF Ret.
Tom Pickett Music Center
     In Memory of Keith Pickett 
Joyce Piercefield
     In Memory of Jack L. Piercefield
Mark & Linda Pillar
     In Memory of PVT Roy Hunterman, USA, LTC George A. Pilla, USA, CPL Paul Hunteman, USA, CDR Samuel A. Pillar, USN, E-7 Michael M. Pillar, USA, SFC Terry P. Pillar, USA, E-5 Harry McCawley, USA

Beth Booth Poor
     In Honor of William E. Poor, U.S. Navy-Vietnam
     In Memory of Robert W. Booth, Army Air Force-WWII
Adele Potthoff
     In Memory of Gustav T. Potthoff, Dutch Army 
James & NancyAnn Poynter
     In Memory of Diane R. Hawes
Chris J. Price
     In Memory of Larry Riss
Myers-Reed Chapel/Hathaway-Myers Chapel
     In Honor of those who gave their tomorrows for our todays.
A.C. & Donna Reeves
     In Honor of A.C. Reeves, Army Berlin, David Fields CSM Army Reserves (Ret),Col. James B. Boynton, Air Force (Ret)
     In Memory of Alton C. Reeves, Army WWI,Donald E. Boynton, Army Air Corps WWII
Charlie & Suzie Rentschler
Forrest A. Ritz II
     In Memory of Forrest A. Ritz
Diane & Mike Robbins
     In Memory of Larry Fonne
Ernesto Boyzo Ruiz
     In Honor of those who gave their tomorrows for our todays.
Paul & Linda Ryan
     In Memory of Ganville Love
John & Donna Sasse
     In Memory of Martin H. Schulz, U.S. Army WWI
Brenda & Roger Schaefer
     In Honor of those who gave their tomorrows for our todays.
Lexi Schneider
     In Memory of John J. Ryan
Steven & Patty Shuler
     In Memory of Edward Miller, Roscoe Shuler
Joseph Shafran
     In Honor of Ray Shafran 
Sam & Fran Simmermaker
     In Honor of those who gave their tomorrows for our todays.
Kelli Smith
     In Honor of Edward Bokelman
Nancy Smith
     In Honor of Matthew Akers, Retired U.S. Navy
     In Memory of R. Stanley McClain, U.S. Navy
Deb Barr, Jenifer, Marcus, & Madelyn Speer
     In Memory of Robert R. Barr
Tracy Stachniak
Mark & Rebecca Stempel
Jim & Jackie Strietelmeier
       In Honor of those who gave their tomorrows for our todays.
Dennis O. & Nancy E. Taylor
     In Memory of Alan Bolenbaugh, USN, Pacific Theater, WWII
Vic & Susan Thompson
     In Honor of Sgt. Wayne Thompson, Capt. Vic Thompson
     In Memory of MSgt. Claude Thompson Sr.,Lt. JG. WM Claude Thompson Jr.
Rajesh Thyagarajan 
Patricia Tovey
     In Memory of Gene Tovey
Terry & Linda Trautman
     In Memory of Charles A. Houser
Art & Marlene Turner
     In Memory of Turner Family Veterans
Betty L. Tuttle
     In Memory of Jean Piccione, Women’s Army Corps Veteran WWII
Sharon Walters
     In Memory of Mark E. Walters
Janie Walton 
     In Memory of Freddie Cross, U.S. Air Force 1958, Kerry McCarty, U.S. Army 1976
Diane Ward
Robert Webb
     In Memory of Jim Foulke, Jerry Bray, Don Hinkle
Bill & Garlene Weisner
     In Memory of Gregory Weisner
Greg & Camille Willmore
     In Memory of Richard H. Willmore
Allan K. Wilson
     In Memory of R. Max Wilson
Joseph Andrew Worthington
     In Memory of Gerald Wayne Worthington
David & Laurie Wright
     In Honor of those who gave their tomorrows for our todays.
Dot Yeaton
     In Honor of J.D. Yeaton, U.S. Marines Ret., Ryan Yeaton, U.S. Marines Ret.
Elaine Zimmer